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All About Rick Green Cycles

Story Time 

So, starting right at the beginning. Rick and Sandra were and are, tremendously supportive parents. They used to ferry their son Paul, far and wide to all his different cycle events he entered, back and forth from the bike shop in Manchester. Nothing was ever too much hassle. 

Destiny then ensued. Rick was made redundant from his job as a Lab Chemist. At  roughly the same time, 18 years old Paul was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, which in the early 80s was a much different beast to modern day, without any tech aids available. (Not to say its easy nowadays!)

Paul pushed his University plans and at a point when Rick was wondering what to do next, Paul suggested opening a Bike Shop as there were really non local to Handforth.

So that is what they did. RGC opened up in 1982.

Rick ran the shop whilst Paul went about learning his craft.

Skipping a few successful decades into the future, Paul's eldest son Alistair, with no clear path ahead of him, fell into the business and found he wasn't half bad with an Allen key and excelled at chatting away with the customers. Very similar to his Grandpa Rick!

As Rick and San began to take a back seat from the business, to enjoy their time together away from the shop, Toby jumped on board. A friend of Al's but with very similar interests, enjoyment of bikes but with the love of using his hands to fix and build things.

Unfortunately, we lost Rick early 2021 but his legacy continues with the shop which is still going strong for hopefully many more years to come.

We have always prided ourselves on providing friendly and kind service, because we think this goes a long way. The fact we know our stuff from a long time in the game is just a little added bonus.

Thanks for reading - RGC

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Team RGC

Paul Green

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Al Green

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Carl Grimshaw

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Jake Grierson

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